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ISOform Hexome : Modular Shelter and Housing Solution | ISOphonix
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ISOphonix in cooperation with ArteCOOP present the ISOform Hexome sustainable shelter and modular housing solution, using an new emission free Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs).

ISOform Hexome : 4 Unit Tetra plus Stack

The ISOform Hexome is modular format for housing and shelter using a natural honeycomb design principal. The basic building material is the ISOphonix SIP, built into ISOform Hex units. These units are then combined and stacked in any number of ways to form shelters, houses, communal buildings, even entire communities and towns.

ISOform Hex: Exploded

The ISOform Hex unit has been designed specifically for application within third world countries to enhance general living standards, and to provide a mechanism for fast deployment in times of emergency, war and natural disasters; lightweight flat-pack design, modular implementation, ease of construction, cost, re-use and re-location are of primary concern.

ISOforms are earthquake-proof, bullet-proof, water-proof, and heat-proof (i.e. reflects the suns heat during the day, and retains heat during the night). The expected life-span is anticipated to be in excess of 60 years depending on treatment, utlisation and environmental conditions.

ISOform Hexome : Plan

ISOphonix SIPs meet all current international standards and ecological initiatives, including the the Kyoto and Montreal Protocols; no Ozone Depleting Potential, no Global Warming Potential. They are pre-fabricated and factory engineered prior to distribution and can be constructed in a matter of hours or days (depending on scale) by easily trained construction workers. The lightweight design, and modular construction allows for easy re-use and re-location, ideal for temporary and semi-permanent encampments.

The modular Hex format promotes re-use and community living, whilst providing significant economies through shared walling and resources (water + electricity) when grouped into small communities and village configurations.

ISOform Hexome: Village Plan

The basic ISOform Hex unit has a 7.2m diameter footprint, with options for access doorways and various window configurations. The modular design allows the ISOform to be increased in size by addition of more SIP panels, or by grouping into larger complex structures. ISOforms can also be stacked upto four stories high where real estate is at a premium.

The roof design acts as a water collection reservoir that feeds into an optional bio-water purification system and storage tank. Electricity can be provided with the addition of other combined solar/wind systems providing a completely autonomous solution.

For information and enquiries please contact or call David Carry on +357 99 854 814. Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google StumbleUpon Windows Live


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ISOform Hexome : Modular Shelter and Housing Solution | ISOphonix…

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ISOform Hexome : Modular Shelter and Housing Solution